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I Love This Guy

First, new Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer ran a great campaign in that Republican stronghold, and now he is letting Bush have it. After listening to Bush peddle his non-plan to privitize Social Security on Monday, Schweitezer shot back.

"A no-nonsense rancher and wheat farmer who took office six weeks ago in a Republican state, Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer likened the president's pitch to a magic show trick featuring a rabbit in a hat.He also compared it to a bull auction hawking lousy studs. 'I was watching the governors around the room,' said Schweitzer, comparing the group to potential livestock buyers who assess the wares and express their intentions with head-nods or nose-crinkles. 'I was seeing more of this,' he said, crinkling his nose as if detecting a foul odor, 'than I was of this,' he said, nodding his head. 'I didn't see a lot of buyers in the room.'"

A Democrat from an agricultural state that talks like a good ol' boy. This guy is a star, keep an eye on him.


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