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New GOP Challenger in 2008

After previously taking a call from Karl Rove telling him to never darken the White House doorstep again after he had the gall to call Bush on his open door policy with Mexico, Rep Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has his sites set on the Presidency.

According to
World Net Daily,

"Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., fresh from victory in three online presidential straw polls over formidable candidates, told
Joseph Farah's radio audience today he would run for president in 2008 if no other Republican candidate takes the border issue seriously.

'I'll tell you what,' he said, 'if no one else does it, I will do it.'"

I sort of like Tancredo just because he had the guts to stand up to Bush, I also like the idea of him running since nobody has ever heard of him.

If you haven't looked at this "
Presidential March Madness" thing you should, it is pretty interesting.

What I find really interesting is that the the two potential candidates that most "experts" say are the odds-on favorites to win the nomination, Rudy Guliani and John McCain, where eliminated early on in this tournament. Guliani managed to win one matchup with Gary Bauer, but then was sent packing in the second round by Newt "I'm not running but my book is coming out in Iowa and New Hampshire first" Gingrich. Even more amazingly, John McCain was soundly beaten in the first round by Tancredo.

Two African-Americans even made the Final 8 with JC Watts and Condi Rice still alive in the tournament. Two talk radio hosts (Hannity and Limbaugh) each won a first round match lending insight into where most Republicans get their "news". Apparently Republicans are still lining up to drink the Bush Family Kool-Aid as Jeb is still alive and in the Final 8. In an interesting Sweet 16 matchup of two crazy doctors who are now playing crazy Senators, Bill Frist beat Crazy Tom Coburn. And finally, Mike Rounds was soundly beaten in the first round by Dennis Hastert and John Thune won two matchups before falling the Tancredo in the round of 16.

I really do think it is interesting to see rank-and-file Republicans chewing up pro-choice and socially moderate Guliani and McCain a full three and a half years before the GOP primaries in the south. This is going to be great theatre.


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