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Some Interesting Polls

We haven't talked much about polls here since November, but there are couple of interesting ones out there now.

First is news on Hillary Clinton in 2008.

"Marist College's Institute for Public Opinion poll found that 46 percent of voters want the former first lady to run for the White House while 49 percent said she should not. In a December poll, 38 percent favored a run, while 50 percent were opposed."

The story goes on.

"Clinton was the choice of 39 percent of Democrats for their party's nomination for president in 2008, while Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, who lost to President Bush last year, was preferred by 21 percent."

On the Republican side,

"A quarter of Republicans said they preferred New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for the Republican nomination, with Sen. John McCain second at 21 percent."

I really can't wait for the primary race in Georgia, South Carolina et. al. when the two leading Republican candidates are BOTH pro-choice. That should be good TV.

I'm still not convinced Clinton is the best nominee for the party, but she does have the Republicans in a full hissy fit all ready. She may have to get a restraining order for Dick Morris at this point. Have you noticed that every event worldwide is somehow related to Hillary Clinton according to this guy? I have a feeling if the police ever raid his home they will find one of those creepy walls of pictures of Hillary that you see on all those serial killer movies on TV.

On to the poll that Republican pollsters conducted on Social Security.

"The heart of President Bush (
news - web sites)'s plan for Social Security (news - web sites), allowing younger workers to create personal accounts in exchange for a lower guaranteed government benefit, is among the least popular elements with the public, Republican pollsters told House GOP leaders Tuesday."

I bet Bush is shocked that the public could read between the lines and see that his plan (or lack of a plan) is not a fix of Social Security but in fact an end to Social Security.

"Asked what they liked least, 31 percent of the participants in the sessions mentioned that the government would be responsible for keeping track of the accounts. Another 24 percent "least liked the fact that workers would be required to accept a lower traditional benefit in return for participation," a key element of Bush's plan."

Good news in this poll and I'm sure Limbaugh, Hannity and Belfrage will get to tomorrow...don't hold your breath though.


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