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Judicial Nominees

While I've been away the fight over Judicial Nominees has been raging. Just keep in mind the people the Republicans are willing to change Senate rules for are extreme right wing crazies that even Bush right wing crazies think are crazy.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales served with Priscilla Owen on the Texas Supreme Court for less than two years, but he disagreed with her crazy right wing opinions on several occassions. At one point Gonzales accused Owen of essentially trying making up law (something the right is fond of accussing liberal judges of doing), in a case regarding the Texas judicial bypass law. The law requires minors who seek an abortion to notify their parents unless a court grants a "judicial bypass" based on its finding that: the applicant is "mature and sufficiently well informed" to make the decision herself; notification would not be in the applicant’s "best interest;" or "notification may lead to physical, sexual, or emotional abuse" of the applicant.

In this case the Texas high court ruled 6-3 that the young woman had "conclusively established the statutory requirements to obtain a judicial bypass." Owen, of course, dissented, accusing the majority of acting "irresponsibly." Notice she doesn't say they are wrong about their interpretation of the law, just that they are irresponsible. Gonzales then called Owen on her extreme views when he said that no matter your views on abortion, judges "cannot ignore the statute or the record."

The fact that Alberto Gonzales is the voice reason between the two of them ought to tell you all you need to know about Priscilla Owen. Yet, the GOP is ready to shut down the Senate and change long standing Senate rules in order to put this crazy person on the bench.


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