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The One Senator Filibuster

With all the talk about changing Senate filibuster rules, the fact that Orrin Hatch has already changed Senate rules has been pretty much ignored, even by that crazy "liberal media".

During the presidency of Bill Clinton, the Republicans executed nearly 60 one Senator filibusters by using what used to be called the "blue slip policy." The policy allowed a senator from the nominees home state to block a nominee by simply failing to turn in the blue-colored approval papers required in the nomination process.

The reason it used to be called the blue slip policy is that Orrin Hatch, the chair of Judiciary committee, has stopped enforcing the rule since Bush was elected in an effort to force through his nominees.

As in the case of Carolyn Kuhl's nomination to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Hatch held a committee vote on Kuhl's nomination even though Senator Barbara Boxer tried to use the blue slip policy to block the vote.

Hatch also showed utter disregard for the concerns of Michigan's Democrat Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow by holding hearings on four nominees to the US 6th Court of Appeals, and two nominees to the US District Court of Eastern Michigan, despite their attempted use of the blue slip policy. The same blue slip policy that former Michigan Senator, Spencer Abraham (a Republican) used to block votes on two Clinton nominees from Michigan, including one that hung in limbo with no up or down vote for over four years. Of course Hatch allowed that use of the blue slip policy in that case.

All this nonsense about Democrat obstuctionism is just that...nonsense. Republicans where able to use one Senator filibusters for eight years during the Clinton administration, and Democrats never once threatened to change senate rules. All of this is just further proof that Republicans have no interest in anything but eliminating all Democrats from Washington. Instead of using their incredible majorities in congress and the fact that they own the White House to actually govern, they instead continue to wage war on any remaining Democrats. If there where a Republican President, 100 Republican Senators and all but one Republican Representative, they would spend all of their time attacking that lone Democrat and blaming him for their inability to know how to govern. It is ridiculous and must stop


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