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Stem Cell Research Marches On

President Bush's precious political capital continues to disappear at an alarming rate. First the House of Representatives passes legislation that would allow federal dollars to be used on embryonic stem cell research (which of course he says he will veto), and now individual states are racing to be the best in the field, throwing money at researches to conduct their research in their states. Massachusetts even overrode a veto from a Republican Governor to pass their bill.

The following is from Newsday,

"The state House of Representatives on Tuesday gave final approval to a 10-year, $100 million plan to fund stem cell research, seeking to position Connecticut to compete with other states in the emerging scientific field. The state Senate has already approved the measure, and it now goes to Gov. M. Jodi Rell, who has said she would sign it into law.

Meanwhile, in neighboring Massachusetts, state lawmakers overturned Gov. Mitt Romney's veto and approved a bill designed to move their state to the forefront of stem cell research. The bill immediately became law."

Has anyone else noticed how irrelevant Bush and his "Moral Majority" are becoming? It's fun to watch. It's also fun to watch GOP Presidential hopefuls like Romney cling to that Religious Right line trying convince enough voters in the south that they will continue to put religion ahead of all else if elected president.


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