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Thanks Clean Cut Kid...I Think

Chad at Clean Cut Kid posted a "shout out" to me on his blog earlier this week. In his shout out he mentioned that his son and my daughter play on the same T-ball team. I'm sure this revelation will spark a whole new round conspiracy theories in the right-wing blogosphere.

I mean they are already convinced that former Daschle staffers like Chad are involved in some sort of cloak and dagger effort to smear John Thune, which is ridiculous, it's not a secret, it's right out in the open that we don't approve of Sen Thune's politics. It can't be a surprise to them.

Now, I am going to be linked to that group of Daschle supporters since Chad and I have children on the same T-Ball team. Thanks Chad.

In anticipation of what I'm sure will come to pass in the next few days, I will just save the right wing blogosphere the time. Here is the history of my financial transactions with Tom Daschle, DASHPAC, the DNC and any other Democrat organization you can think of.

I volunteered on Tom Daschle's campaign last year. I received one and one-half doughnuts on election morning and two barbeques with some chips and pop at lunch time on election day. I also received three "Vote For Daschle" stickers on election day. After the election I received an invitation to a thank you reception for Daschle supporters at which my wife and I received two glasses of wine and various appitizers each. That's all I can think of. I hope this answers Sibby's as yet unasked questions about my financial ties to the Daschle campaign, now that Chad has exposed the fact that our children share a T-Ball team. I mean two Daschle supporters that get their kids together two times a week for athletic competition must equal a conspiracy, but I have nothing to hide.


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