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Thune In No Win Situation

In my humble opinion (and the words of my grandfather), Sen Thune is in a real pickle. This whole Ellsworth thing is a no win situation for him if he proceeds the way he says he will.

According to the
Argus Leader Thune, "threatened to vote against the nomination of John Bolton, Bush's embattled nominee to be U.N. ambassador. If he does vote against Bolton, he will be one of only a handful of Republicans to do so." Presumably this would be Thune's way of punishing the White House for Ellsworth's impending demise.

This seems to me to be a political miscalculation. Now, if he reverses course and actually does vote for Bolton, then he will open to criticism that he is continuing to tow the party line, even with Ellsworth on the chopping block.

If he does indeed follow through with his threat, it could be even worse for him. First, one would have to believe that voting against Bolton would damage his precious relationship with Bush. Possibly to the point that Bush would totally ignore South Dakota (I know he pretty much ignores us already, but now we could really be out in the wilderness.)

Even more interesting though, would be the fact that if Thune votes against Bolton for no other reason than to punish the White House, he will become the most detested form of political life in South Dakota...an OBSTRUCTIONIST...gasp.

The only thing that could possibly save him from looking like an incompetent political hack would be Bush granting Ellsworth a reprieve just minutes before the vote on Bolton, and we all know that ain't happening. Looks like Thune is in over his head to me.


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