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Where is the Right Wing Outrage?

I guess Republicans only hate gay politicians who offer government jobs to potential lovers if said politician is a Democrat. Remember last year when then New Jersey Governor James McGreevey was outed as a homosexual? Republicans where in full tizzy mode.

Now, one of their own is in the same boat, and I don't hear Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or FOX News wringing their hands about the evil gay politician on this one.

Spokane mayor James West seems to be in some

"West admitted two weeks ago to leading a 'double life' as a gay man after a Spokane newspaper reported that West offered a city job and other perks to a teenage male he met on Gay.com.

The Spokesman-Review had hired a consultant posing as a gay high school student to arrange a meeting with the mayor."

Wow, and West is 55 years old, so I guess he is also into statutory rape. Of course we should have known that given that,

"In a deposition released last week, another felon, 36 year-old Robert Galliher also accused West, then a Sheriff's deputy, of sexual abuse 30 years ago"

And this,

"The Spokesman-Review has also said that West sexually abused two boys 25 years ago when they were members of his Boy Scout troop."

Oh, and the Feds are on the case as well,

"The city and the FBI are currently investigating whether West used city-owned equipment illegally."

West, in typical Republican fashion had this to say,

"I haven't done anything illegal,"



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