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Who is the MSM Anyway?

The folks on the Right want us to believe that the MSM are the root of all evil. But just whom do they consider to be the MSM? From what I can tell it's anyone who doesn't report solely from a right wing vantage point. I guess unless you are Rush or Hannity, you are MSM, aka liberal scum.

The reason I think that is that a
right-wing nut job would now have us believe that the NY Post is somehow a liberal rag that printed the Saddam pictures out of a hatred for Bush and his conservative cohorts.

The following is the headline on the post in question,

"MSM Causing More Trouble"

Then this follows (I added the emphasis)

"British and American newspapers published photos Friday showing an imprisoned Saddam Hussein clad only in his underwear and washing his laundry, prompting an angry U.S. military to launch an investigation and the Red Cross to say the photos may violate the Geneva Conventions.

Britain's The Sun and the New York Post said the photos were provided by a U.S. military official it did not identify. The photos not only angered the U.S. military, which issued a condemnation rare for its immediacy, but also were expected to further fuel anti-American sentiment in a country edging toward open sectarian conflict."

Now the New York Post is part of some sort of vast left-wing conspiracy with the US military to bring down Bush I guess. You will also notice that they didn't identify their source. I'll be waiting on pins and needles for Scott McClellan to ask Ruppert Murdoch to retract the story and suggest they print some nice pictures of the US military.

If your on the right you just have to get your news from "W" himself, everybody else is out to get you, just like the boogy man.


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