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Confederate Flag Flap

This really isn't funny, but it's hard not to laugh. It seems some old timers in Missouri who haven't yet received the news that the Civil War is over, had some sort of celebration called "Confederate Memorial Day". It had previously been illegal to fly the Confederate flag in Missouri, but Gov. Matt Blunt (go ahead and guess if he's Republican or Democrat) gave these people permission to fly the banned flag for one day.

Here are some of the highlights from the day. "It's not a symbol of racism to me," said Miller, 62, of Kirkwood, Mo., whose great-grandfather, Alonzo W. Slayback, was a Confederate officer and whose daughter-in-law, Berryl, is black." Mr. Miller can't possibly be a racist you see, after all, some of his favorite daughters-in-law are black.

This is the one that really got me. "The Irish, the Scottish, the Italians, the Jewish, the African-Americans have their special festivals," said Jim Beckner, 61, of Raymore, Mo., who organized Sunday's ceremony. "This is one day to honor our Southern heritage that ran through our Southern blood."

What exactly is Mr. Beckner trying to say? That leftover racist southerners are somehow analogous to groups of immigrants? I have news for you Mr. Beckner. You and your good ol' boys are not just "Southerners". Your ancestors came from someplace else. See Mr. Beckner you ARE Scottish and Italian and Polish and Irish and English (although I will give you that they probably weren't African American or Jewish.)

In a different
story about the event, I found this interesting tidbit. "Officials with the Confederate Memorial State Historic Site in Higginsville said the turnout there was four times larger than expected could be attributed to the return of the Confederate flag." If the purpose of this event was really to "honor our Southern heritage" as Mr. Beckner would have us believe, then why does it take the Confederate flag flying at the event to get a turnout four times larger than expected? Well, since you asked I'll tell you. This wasn't about honoring the fallen Confederate soldiers buried there, it was about honoring the racism that the Confederate flag now represents.

And in
this story the Governor speaks sort of. "Crumpton contended President Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, would have opposed Blunt's action. But the governor's spokesman said Blunt's decision was made in the compassionate spirit of the Civil War president.

'The farthest thing from Lincoln's mind would have been to interfere with fallen Confederate soldiers,' said Blunt spokesman Spence Jackson. 'His stand of malice toward none and charity toward all was right then and it's right today.

Leave it to a Republican to to show "compassion" and tolerance for something that should not be tolerated.


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