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Coulter...Ridiculous Again

Ann "I swallowed a thesauras and have to use all these big words" Coulter is at it again. In a piece at TownHall.com cleverly entitled "7 Extraordinary Idiots", Coulter rails on the seven GOP Senators that finally accomplished what Bill Frist never could and got Bush's judicial nominees their much talked about "up or down vote" on the senate floor.

What I found particularly offensive where the two excerpts of the article in which she first compares Democrats to the North Koreans and then to Saddam. You can rest assured if anyone did likewise to the Republicans Coulter would be on FOX News calling for them to be fired. Here are the quotes in question.

"Let's not put the seven Republican senators who engineered the 'compromise' deal with the Democrats in charge of negotiations with North Korea. I would sooner trust the North Koreans to keep their word than the Democrats."

And this one.

"No wonder Democrats were so testy about bringing democracy to Iraq: They can't bear democracy in America. Liberals' beef with Iraq's new government was that the Sunnis – the minority sect whose reign of terror controlled Iraq for almost 30 years – wouldn't be adequately represented. Obviously, this did not bode well for the Democrats – a minority party whose reign of terror controlled the U.S. House for over 40 years."


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