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DNC Money Coming to South Dakota

As part of Howard Dean's strategy of building the Democratic party from the ground up, he has been raising money for the "50 State Strategy". The following is from the DNC Website:

The Democratic Party is committed to winning elections at every level in
every region of the country, and we're getting started right now with a massive effort to fund organizers on the ground in every state.

The ultimate goal? An active, effective group of Democrats organized in
every single precinct in the country. Here's what we're doing to get

1. The Democratic Party is hiring organizers chosen by the state parties
in every state -- experienced local activists who know their communities.

2. We bring those organizers together for summits where they can learn
from each other the best practices for getting organized to win elections.

3. Armed with the knowledge they've shared with each other, Democratic
organizers return to the states and recruit and train leaders at the local

4. Those local leaders recruit more leaders and volunteers until every single
precinct in their area has a trained, effective organization of Democrats
dedicated to winning votes for Democrats.

The DNC just had a fundraising push trying to raise $500,000 for this strategy in one week, and they made it. This money will be used to get the program off the ground in four states, including South Dakota. Here is part of the DNC announcement on Friday,

Your enthusiasm to build our party in every single state has made this
program move fast than anyone imagined. Resources and energy are being put to work in nine states already — including five that were announced just last week. (Kansas, the state whose program you funded last week in the kick-off of all of this, is already hiring its first organizer — you will be hearing more about your party's work there soon.)

Now, thanks to the funds you brought in this week, we can kick off in four
more states:

South Dakota

The DNC's willingness to put forth both effort and funds in South Dakota in a non-Senate election cycle speaks volumes, I think, for the vision Dean has for the party. Whether you like him or not, the man knows the power of grassroots support and is showing a willingness to support that in every state in every election cycle. I feel this approach is the only way for Democrats to make gains especially in traditionally "Red" states like South Dakota.

Bravo Howard Dean!


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