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Former Daschle Staffer to Leave Thune Alone

Sheldon Whitehouse who is hoping to be the Democrat nominee trying to unseat Rhode Island Sen. Lincoln Chafee has hired a former Daschle staffer to manage his campaign. That staffer would be Mindy Myers who most recently served as the political director of DASHPAC, Daschle's political action committee.

Myers said she would start out on a part time basis as most of her time is eaten up right now directing the anti-Thune "endless campaign" being secretly funded by DASHPAC. She then said "oh shit...did I say that out loud? I meant to say that once we tie up some loose ends with DASHPAC I will be ready to help Sheldon Whitehouse become the next Senator from the great state of Rhode Island."

OK. I made that entire last paragraph up, but the first paragraph was true.


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