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It's Over and You Guys Won...Enjoy It

Somebody needs to alert the right-wing South Dakota blogosphere that the election is over...and they WON! Look here and here. You will find a ton of posts about Tom Daschle and Bill Clinton. Did I miss something? Are they still in office in some parallel universe? If so how do I get there?

Oh I know they will tell you that Daschle is still "campaigning" and that anything that goes wrong including the closing of Ellsworth is Bill Clinton's fault. All of this is ridiculous.

Here is what you won't find much of on those sites. Defense of the Golden Boy John Thune or "W". Oh, they will justify Watergate by trying to say Clinton was worse, and they will cry foul when we show the gall to keep an eye on John Thune all by ourselves (as Sibby is always saying, I'm not a paid blogger either), but even they can't defend what their guys are doing. No, instead they want to continue to relive their seminal moment...The defeat of Tom Daschle. Just like all Republicans, these guys need an enemy to tear down and say nasty things about or they simply have nothing to say. Now that Daschle and Clinton are gone, they can't find anything to rant about except, I guess, Daschle and Clinton.

Get over it. You won. Now what are you going to do?


At 6/05/2005 09:07:00 AM, Blogger Todd D. Epp said...


Right on!

BTW, could you link to S.D. Watch on your site? (http://thunewatch.squarespace.com). I've'add your site to my listing.



At 6/06/2005 07:55:00 AM, Blogger David Newquist said...

A well-taken point. When they talk about the Main Stream Media, they tremble and quake with fear and loathing. When Democrats talk about corporate media, they roll their eyes and deride those who believe in conspiracy theories. The Republicans built a cottage industry of creating false charges and hate-mongering accusations against Tom Daschle. The fact is that at least half the state (that now includes many who voted for John Thune and recanted the day after the election, according to a preliminary poll) respects Tom Daschle and reveres the work he did for the state. When the only sense of political power people can experience is in defaming someone because he was successful and can afford a nice house, had the ability to get urban people interested in rural issues, and whose partisan sin was standing up for the principles on which he was elected rather than rolling over for peevish and sullen ingrates who resent integrity and accomplishment, you have the essence of the South Dakota Republican Party. Daschle has not campaigned or spoken against John Thune since the election. The Republicans cannot live with the fact that his accomplishments and competence linger in the mind of voters. No organized effort has been made to promote Tom Daschle, as a letter in the SFAL contends. The whole notion of a Daschle campaign is fabricated, as you point out, from the need to have someone to hate and the stark contrast between a man with an exemplary record for getting things done and a man whose record in the House was one of clueless ineptitude.


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