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Kranz Stole my Idea

I think it's cute that Sibby thinks we need to lead around by the nose by the "SDMSM" to come up with ways to attack Thune. Today he acts like the notion of Thune being in a no win situation was first floated in today's David Kranz column.

"David Kranz's
column today provides the angry South Dakota Dumped Daschle Disciples with ammunition to attack John Thune, no matter what he does on the Bolton nomination."

Of course yourstrulyy floated this very notion back on May 26th in a post cryptically titled "
Thune In No Win Situation" The only difference is that I think Thune is to blame for his being in said "No Win Situation" by opening his big mouth during the campaign and then not being able to back it up. Of course Sibby thinks it's all Kranz's fault.

I really don't know why it's so hard to for these folks to understand that we can actually think for ourselves and come with our own reasons to attack Thune, and make no mistake, I will continue to attack Thune when he deserves it, it's called the "Loyal Opposition" and without it we live in adictatorshipp, which is what most on the right would prefer I'm sure.


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