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Mark Warner Set to Run for President

Moderate. Southern. Governor. Mark Warner. Virginia Governor to be exact. Moderate, southern and governor has been a winning combination in the past for Democrats (Bill Clinton for example). Warner has formed a PAC and hired a former Al Gore staffer to help guide him through the beginning stages of a 2008 Presidential run.

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch,

"Gov. Mark R. Warner has formally waded into national political waters by establishing a federal political-action committee and hiring a one-time top adviser to former Vice President Al Gore.

Democrat Warner, who has been mentioned by some as an attractive candidate for the party's presidential nomination in 2008, may be considering such a run or even a challenge next year to U.S. Sen. George Allen, R-Va.

But few, if any, advisers close to Warner believe he will risk challenging the popular Allen, who also is exploring a presidential bid.

'At this point, he's keeping all of his options open,' said Mary A. "Mame" Reiley, director of the governor's One Virginia political action committee.

In an interview yesterday, Reiley said the governor has hired Monica Dixon as the first part-time consultant on his soon-to-be-announced political committee to raise money."

The Republican response was predictable for a party that despises people who actually govern when elected instead of whining an complaining that the other party is obstructing them.

"Shawn Smith, executive director of the Republican Party of Virginia, said that Warner, who also has mentioned a second run for governor in 2009, will be dogged by his record.

'Mark Warner will have difficulty trying to defend his high-tax, liberal record no matter which political office he intends to seek,' Smith said."

"Liberal record"? Interesting. Most real Republicans would love to have Warner's record in Virginia. In only one term he has turned a $6 billion shortfall into a balanced budget while reducing the income tax that each and every Virginia resident pays. Warner has made huge state investments in things Republicans hate like public schools, law enforcement and healthcare. All it took to give every family in Virginia a tax break was to close all those corporate tax loopholes that the GOP is so fond of.

Warner has also backed some restrictions on abortion and signed two handfulls of gun rights bills, things some Democrats will have to get over.

Check out his bio here. Warner is a good candidate in my opinion. He puts at least some of the South back in play for us in 2008 and he has a great record of achievement.


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