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New Pope...Same as the Old Pope

It's nice to see the new Pope is continuing to try to steer the Catholic faith down a road of intolerance that will continue to alienate nearly everyone until the faith simply doesn't exist anymore because nobody can be the perfect person one has to be to be a Catholic in good standing.

In a
wide ranging speech today the Pope touched on a bunch of subjects and spewed intolerance and hatred at every turn.

On gay marriage, "Pope Benedict, in his first clear pronouncement on gay marriages since his election, on Monday condemned same-sex unions as fake and expressions of 'anarchic freedom' that threatened the future of the family."

To be fair, who hasn't seen those wacky same-sex couples marching on the state capitol wearing those "Anarchy Rulz" tee shirts? By the way, why is the fact that priests are not allowed to marry not an affront to the future of "traditional" marriage?

Let me see if I follow this line of reasoning. I guess if we don't allow gay marriage then those people will seek out "traditional" unions with the opposite sex? I'm still not sure how stopping same-sex marriage ensures more and stronger "traditional" marriages.

Oh, but just because you are a good heterosexual doesn't mean you are off the hook either. If you use birth control, have been divorced or are simply in a common law situation you are also doomed. "Today's various forms of dissolution of marriage, free unions, trial marriages as well as the pseudo-matrimonies between people of the same sex are instead expressions of anarchic freedom which falsely tries to pass itself off as the true liberation of man" And on birth control, "In a clear reference to contraception, the Pope said couples went against the nature of love itself when they 'systematically shut off' the possibility of 'the gift of life.'"

If only the Republicans could figure out a way to nominate a German for president I think we'd have our 2008 GOP nominee. I guarantee he would fair better in Southern and Western primaries than either Rudy Guliani or John McCain.


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