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Oh Those Tricky Republicans

"Inside the Beltway" reports this classic.

"In what could be a Capitol Hill first, a lawmaker last week attempted to cast a vote of 'not present.'"

It all started with a crazy Republican from Texas, it wasn't even Tom Delay.

"But then Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, principled libertarian and chronic skunk at congressional garden parties, offered an 'American sovereignty restoration' amendment calling for the United States to pull out of the United Nations altogether. Mr. Paul noted, correctly, that the case for his amendment had just been made by all the negative comments his colleagues had been airing for the previous two hours."

Democrats in the House then called for an immediate roll call vote to make Republicans go on the record either for against the UN. Here is the good part.

"Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, California Republican, was absent when the clerk first called his name for the Paul amendment. But, perhaps mistiming his return to the committee room, Mr. Rohrabacher took his seat before the voting had officially closed.

His lips pressed firmly together, Mr. Rohrabacher only smiled and waved his hand when the clerk asked for his vote. 'Present?' she helpfully asked, to which Mr. Rohrabacher simply shook his head, plainly hoping the clerk would just pass him by.

The performance elicited a few mocking chicken clucks from committee Democrats. In the end, the California Republican was recorded as voting "present" on the Paul amendment. For the record, the amendment was rejected on a 39-3 (one present) vote"

First they try to
stifle debate on the "Patriot Act" and then they sit there, look at you and say "Oh, did I miss something while I was in the John? Well, I'm lost now, just pretend like I'm not here." And they wanna be my latex salesmen. (!!!Arcane reference to Seinfeld alert!!!)


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