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Thune About to "Save" Us From Flag Burning?

Sure, Ellsworth is dust. We are going to get half the funding for water projects that is really needed. John Bolton is qualified. No wait, Bolton is not qualified because Ellsworth is closing. Thune has the President's ear but he just isn't listening. Don't worry though, cuz Looney Thune is thiiiissss close to saving us from that age old epidemic of flag burning. When was the last time you saw a flag burned on American soil anyway?


"The Senate may be within one or two votes of passing a constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the U.S. flag, clearing the way for ratification by the states, a key opponent of the measure said Tuesday."

Our boy Thune is right in the middle of it too.

"But this time may be different. Amendment supporters say last year's election expanding the Senate Republican majority to 55 has buoyed their hopes for passage. Five freshmen senators — Richard Burr of North Carolina, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, John Thune of South Dakota and David Vitter of Louisiana — voted for the amendment as House members and plan to do so again.

"'We're going to have deeper support for this, and the intensity is growing,' Thune said Tuesday, which was Flag Day. 'There's momentum.'"

My favorite quote is from Utah Sen Orrin Hatch though.

"Still, 'it's important that we venerate the national symbol of our country,' said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the amendment's chief sponsor. 'Burning, urinating, defecating on the flag — this is not speech. This is offensive conduct.'"

What the hell? Defecating on the flag? Who does that? I heard that baseball player Moises Alou urinates on his hands during the season to toughen them up, but to my knowledge he has never urinated on the flag during the National Anthem.

Yeah, I really can't think of anything better to spend time, not to mention money, on than going through the process of amending the constitution to actually take away a right. While we are at it maybe we can amend the constitution to make the un-Patriot Act permanent.


At 6/15/2005 07:27:00 AM, Blogger Jackson said...

Make it a criminal act to do something to a piece of cloth, but set up 1,700 of our military personnel up like ducks in a shooting gallery in a war for which the basis was totally fabricated, and make the perpetrators heroes and saviors. We do, indeed, live in a time when America has lost its collective mind.

At 6/15/2005 07:36:00 AM, Blogger Jackson said...

Here is a comment from TPM Cafe on Hatch's Flag Desecration Amendment:

This insult to American values tends to resurface near those national observances when the flag is most prominent - like July 4 and September 11. While it has never successfully cleared Congress, it has offered a wide brush with which to tar liberal politicians for lack of patriotism, and a convenient ploy for conservatives betting their stance on the flag will win over more voters than their record on the economy. Senator Hatch is only the latest legislator to elide the affirmation of patriotism and the suppression of dissent. This country's flag - like those of others around the globe - has always had its highest ideals threatened by those who would protect it from the freedoms it enshrines. This country's freedoms have always been endangered by those who declare them too sacred to be entrusted to its people.


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