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Thune Named "Porker of the Month"

This is a couple of days old, but I was busy this weekend so I didn't get a chance to post it. On Friday "Citizens Against Government Waste" named our very own freshman Sen. John Thune "Porker of the Month" for June.

Here is the good part,

"In a thinly-veiled attempt to punish the Bush administration for not compromising the integrity of the BRAC process, Sen. Thune threatened to reverse his decision on ambassador to the United Nations nominee John Bolton, whom he had vocally supported in the past. Sen. Thune has also signaled that he will vote against the administration on the upcoming CAFTA-DR free trade agreement and legislation regarding importation of drugs from Canada.

But Sen. Thune's sabotage campaign is completely unnecessary to ensure the economic survival of his constituents, according to CAGW. A May 2005 Government Accountability Office report showed that towns affected by base closings continue to recover and fare well compared to average rates for unemployment and income growth. Creative planning from local leaders has helped recover 90 percent of the civilian jobs lost during the past four rounds of base closings.

For throwing a congressional tantrum instead of seeking to understand Pentagon decisions, for impeding military transformation and placing parochial interests above the interests of taxpayers and national security, for threatening to alter votes based on political grudges, and for failing to show proper leadership for constituents that could soon face a difficult period of adjustment, CAGW names Sen. John Thune its Porker of the Month for June 2005."

It's always fun to watch the right turn on each other.


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