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Thune "Optomistic" That He Can Take Away Our Rights

The House has again approved a constitutional amendment banning burning the American flag. This isn't news, it's the sixth time the House has done so just since 1995. The news is that with all the new conservative idiots in the Senate, it might actually get through that body as well and then we will all get to go vote on actually amending the constitution that gives us our rights to in fact take one of those rights away.

As Terri Ann Schroeder of the ACLU put it,

"We cannot guarantee that we will win this vote. My concern is that we will wake up the next morning and say, 'Oops, did we just amend the First Amendment?'"

At least my junior senator, John "Looney" Thune doesn't support taking my rights away. Oh wait, yes he does, and he is proud of it too.

"I'm optimistic this Senate will find the handful of votes we've lacked in the past to protect the American flag," said Sen. John Thune, R-S.D.

Of course last time Thune promised to "protect" something he did a fairly poor job of it(see Ellsworth AFB closing), so I guess his track record on "protecting" things isn't the best.

Remember during the election when he taught us all how to "protect" our daughters?

"This is a gun-owning culture out here. I'm training my daughters on how to use a semiautomatic handgun because ... someday they're going to be out living on their own, and it's something they need to know." - John Thune.

That reminds me, I have to add that to my list of essentials that todays young woman needs. Education, ambition, sense of humor, intelligence, competitive nature, semiautomatic handguns. Good list.

You may as well get used to this though, because if Thune and his fellow looney's have their way, we will end up back at the polls voting on whether or not to amend the constitution to take away the rights of the gay people among us. That's right, Thune wants to "protect" us from the evils of gay marriage as well.

"Extremist groups in Washington, politicians, even judges... have made it clear that they are willing to run over any state law defining marriage. They’ve done it in Massachusetts and they can do it here." From a Thune campaign radio ad.

"John Thune, said he would support an amendment so there's uniformity among states and the issue is decided by the people and not judges.

'Let's put it in the Constitution so there's no question in the future about what constitutes a marriage,' he said. Had the nation's founders 'known where they would be 225 years in the future, they probably would have addressed the issue then,' Thune said."

Wow, I sure to feel safe knowing that one of my senators is out there "protecting" me from flag burning and gay marriage. And, as the father of two young girls, I am forever thankful to him for his parenting advice about training them to use semiautomatic handguns. Maybe we are better off with Thune "protecting" us than with Daschle representing us. Maybe not.


At 6/23/2005 06:25:00 AM, Anonymous Bob said...

Do you suppose John is encouraging his gun-toting daughters to sign up to fight for the flag. Or will they join the Bush twins on the sidelines as cheerleaders in the war on terror?


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