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Who's Ignoring the "Truth"?

A certain right-wing South Dakota blogger is now accusing SD Dems of "ignoring the truth" regarding the Ellsworth situation. Here is the good part,

"The South Dakota Democrats need to
take note:

'Before that Base Realignment and Closure Commission hearing in Rapid City, the task force and others want to review information used by the Pentagon in making its decision and prepare a rebuttal. That commission can make changes before the report goes to President Bush and Congress.'

Note, the 'changes before the report goes to President Bush and Congress'. The President is not the one who put Ellsworth on the list. The president has not been involved in the decision making process…yet.

But the facts don’t seem to matter to the South Dakota Democrats."

How naive. I mean do we really think that President Bush couldn't have kept Ellsworth off the list if he had really wanted to?

Maybe not, I mean it's not like this administration
pays the media to tout it's programs, or has a non-scientist set scientific policy and change scientific facts in scientific documents, or conspires with leaders of other countries to pressure intelligence agencies to skew their findings to justify an unjust war. Oh wait...I guess he DID do all of that.

Your probably right though, Bush couldn't possibly have kept Ellsworth off the closure list. Of course Sen John Thune doesn't agree with you, he is planning to "
punish" Bush for closing Ellsworth by not voting for Bush UN nominee John Bolton. I forget, which facts where we ignoring?


At 6/10/2005 11:50:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone really tried to read a whole sibby post without laughing? He's a nut.

At 6/10/2005 03:18:00 PM, Blogger Silas said...

I agree with another commenter on another blog: it is time to stop displaying the exercises in mindless rage along with blogs that, in fact, discuss issues. Supercilious Pettiness and Dementia and SimpleSibby should be institutionalized and treated by people who are paid to do so.


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