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Another Republican Lawmaker in Trouble

While we here in South Dakota are consumed with our own freshman senator's burgeoning scandal, there is another ongoing legal drama involving Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, a California Republican. Cunningham's home in California and the yacht he lives on while in Washington where simultaneously searched by federal agents earlier this week. "Duke" seems to be flaunting his wrongdoing right out in front of everyone. From the San Diego Union Tribune.

"It has been known for at least two weeks that the FBI and a federal grand jury in San Diego are investigating Cunningham's ties to Mitchell Wade, founder of MZM Inc.

On June 12, a story in The San Diego Union-Tribune revealed that the defense contractor bought Cunningham's Del Mar-area home in 2003 and later sold it at a $700,000 loss. Shortly after selling the house, Cunningham purchased his Rancho Santa Fe home for $2.55 million. Cunningham also lived aboard Wade's 42-foot yacht while in Washington."

So, MZM never had a government contract from it's inception in 1993 until 2002 then, as if by magic, from 2003 until now they have received $163 million in government contracts. Odd how that date coincides with the owner of MZM buying Cunningham's house and letting Cunningham live on his yacht in Washington. Oh and this is cute, the name of the yacht? The Duke-Stir.

Did he really think all of this would not get the attention of the authorities?

In case you've forgotten, this is the same Randy "Duke" Cunningham who is pushing the flag burning amendment in the House and is the author of this
ridiculous quote,

"Ask the men and women who stood at the top of the Trade Center. Ask them and they will tell you, 'Pass this amendment.'"

Really? They would? Does he really think those people care even a little bit if some nitwit burns a flag? I don't think he does, I think he is trying to use the victims of the 9/11 attacks for political gain, which is what all Republicans do. In fact, as the above linked article points out,

"The survivors of the World Trade Center attack regularly appear before Congress and none has urged passage of a flag-burning amendment."

That's another thing about good Republicans, they never let the truth get in the way of a radical agenda.


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