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Are We Numb To Violence In Iraq?

A little more than a week ago apparent suicide bombers killed over 50 people in London. Of course I don't need to tell you that. Everyone already knows. It reminded us all of 9/11 (although it's not as if you could possibly forget 9/11 as long as President Bush is making speeches) and was simply horrific.

Let me ask you something, did you know that an almost identical attack happened in Iraq today? Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. The point is everyone knows what happened in London, not everyone is aware of the atrocity in Iraq. There where no major networks breaking in on coverage of the British Open or the Yankees/Red Sox baseball game (I know because that's what I was watching) to tell us of the terror. Instead I found out about the
blast that seems to have killed at least 58 people and injured nearly 90 more, on the internet.

Of course my point is not that too much was made of blasts in London, but that too little is made of the daily terror attacks in Iraq. In addition to the big blast, a smaller roadside bomb killed three British troops on Saturday. It seems these attacks go, for the most part, un-noticed here in America. I don't think I'm going out too far on a limb when I say that I'm sure there will be no candle light vigils in American cities for those lost Iraqi's from today's terror attack.

I think the danger in all this is that less and less shocks us about the war in Iraq. In the same story about the bombings, there is another story of more prisoner abuse by the American Military. That too has become business as usual in this war. (Just as an aside, what I find intriguing about that story is that the same people who told us John Kerry was "Unfit for Command" because he had told congress about prisoner and civilian abuse by American troops in Vietnam, now tell us that all of this prisoner abuse is just part of war and we need to toughen up buttercup. I need a scorecard to keep up with all the Republicans stories.) I mean think about it. At this point what would it take to shock you in Iraq? Sadly, I think the answer for most of us would be a huge loss of American life. We have already come to accept the daily loss of Iraqi life. Apathy has set in. Apathy is dangerous on so many levels. When we become apathetic we stop holding our leaders accountable. We stop asking them tough questions. The stakes in Iraq are simply too high for all concerned to allow apathy to se in. We have to remember ourselves and remind others that 58 Iraqi's being killed is just as much of a tragedy as 58 Londoners being killed or 3000 Americans. It is dangerous to let yourself become desensitized to loss of life.

UPDATE: A reader left a comment with a link to his blog called "Truth War Photo Blog" It is very graphic so visit at your own peril, but it is very eye opening to say the least.


At 7/16/2005 07:52:00 PM, Blogger jj said...

The country became apathetic about Iraq because it does not effect the majority of people. The military and their families are the ones that deal with it first hand the rest get tax cuts and go about life.

Keep talking about it maybe the kool aid haze is starting to wear off.

I have set up a separate war blog to show the true horror of war. It is graphic so fair warning Truth War Photo Blog

At 7/18/2005 09:08:00 AM, Blogger Erin said...

In a related blog, same ideas.

See http://northernbeacon.blogspot.com/


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