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Kelo TV Finally Breaks the Ice

Kelo TV finally ran a report on Thune/Nelson/MetaGate tonight. Basically they brought everyone up to speed with what we have all known in the blogosphere since the vast Left-wing conspiracy broke the story last week. Not really much new and most disappointing, still no comment from Thune.

One would think that at some point he is going to have to at least deny any wrongdoing.

Meta Financial Groups stock price went down .55 per share today from $19.05 to $18.50. In the last week it has gone down 8.09%.

Also, as it turns out I am Meta Financial Stock holder. My 401(k) uses Vanguard and one of the funds in invest in is the Vanguard Balanced Index Fund which owns 3,000 shares of Meta Financial. This whole shady deal is delaying my retirement on top of everything else.


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