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More Thune in the Blogosphere

I had so much fun seeing what others are saying about our esteemed freshman senator that I decided to do it again.

This first one is from a blog called
Me4Presisent2008 and it's a pretty funny site.

"Although I didn't like Daschle, you somehow found a way to elect a guy who is a bigger jackass than he was. While driving to the Black Hills, I saw more signs up saying that this is the home, birth place, and childhood home of your Senator than I have ever seen anywhere. I have driven through states with presidential ties that don't have as arrogant a moron who needs his name up on every billboard. I don't care which town has John Thune's favorite restroom."

John Thune...The Supreme Court Obstructionist? According to "The Lonely Centrist" he thinks it might happen.

"But there are others who could be peeled away from a nominee in the right circumstances - gang of 14 members Warner, DeWine, and the aforemention Graham; Hagel, Coleman, Murkowski, and Voinovich; maybe even Elizabeth Dole or John Thune, the latter of whom has shown he is not afraid to play hardball with the President, and use nominations as a bargaining chip in doing so."

Yeah, that would play well with the SD base wouldn't it?


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