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At 9/06/2005 08:38:00 PM, Anonymous JUAN APUESTAS said...

You are correct to make that assumption, but erred on the target. The city, parish and the state leadership failed their citizens of New Orleans miserably. While I would like to blame Pres. Bush, I cannot, I am from the Gulf State of Texas. I live in Galveston, Texas and here the city, county and state leaders were prepared and ready. Our school buses were lined up and ready to evacuate the island if needed, not parked in a lot waiting to be flooded. The city of Houston was ready for us if needed, thank God they were and thank God we didn't need it, but thank God, it was ready for the citizens of New Orleans. To bad that their leaders failed them, but ours were ready and prepared to help us. I think I will again vote for my present Gov, A Republican, my present mayor and my current county commissioner....AT LEAST THEY WERE PREPARED AND GET ALONG AND DON'T HAVE MELT DOWNS ON NATIONAL TELEVISION IN A CRISIS....!!!

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