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Tapken's Mother Bows Out

Kelo TV is reporting tonight that SD's acting US Attorney is going to great length's to avoid any actual or perceived conflict of interest (I wonder if that sound's familer to our freshman senator?) in the Dan Nelson debacle. What conflict of interest you ask? Well, it turns out that the acting US Attorney is none other than one Michelle Tapken, mother of former Dan Nelson Automotive owner Chris Tapken.

Here is part of the statement.

"Due to the publicity surrounding the bankruptcy of Dan Nelson Automotive owned by Dan Nelson and Christian Tapken, the Acting United States Attorney, Michelle Tapken, wanted to assure that there would be no appearance of impropriety in any potential investigation and therefore the matter has been referred to officials in the Department of Justice and no one associated with the United States Attorneys Office for the District of South Dakota would be involved in this matter."

This doesn't mean there is not an investigation, only that it won't be conducted by Tapken's mother.

Senator Thune said "I don't see how anyone could think this would be a conflict of interest. I mean just because they are mother and son doesn't mean anything. I hear Chris hasn't talked to his mother in like the last six months." OK, I made that part up.

I say Bravo Michelle Tapken! See how easy it is to avoid a conflict of interest.


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