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When Did Alberto Become Al?

I noticed that in the last day or two the White House has taken to calling Alberto Gonzalez, "Al". And they seem to have sent the memo to other Right-wingers as well. I wonder if this is a concerted effort on their part as some sort of plan to soften his image leading up to a Supreme Court nomination? Al. Everyone has an uncle Al. Al is the guy who bags your groceries or does your taxes. Al has no pretense. Al is non-threatening. Al. Alberto is different. Not everyone knows Alberto. Alberto. Yep, that's different. More aloof. Alberto is not everyman. Alberto is a fancy pants lawyer. Al is...well...Al. Maybe it's just something they started for no reason at all, but it's weird.

"'Al Gonzales is a great friend of mine,' Bush told USA Today. 'When a friend gets attacked, I don't like it.'"

Dan Bartlett with Britt Hume tonight,

"He is serving his country well. He served his state of Texas well. And I think, if given a choice again, President Bush would do just the same, and that's defend his good friend, Al Gonzales"

The FRreepers have a thread titled "Al Gonzalez for Sandy O'Conner and a Justice to Be Named Later"

Even RedStates.org apparently got the memo,

"I hate to write this. I've heard from several sources today that Al Gonzalez has been moved onto the WH short list for the Supreme Court."

Spooky ain't it?


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